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Emergency Battery Back Up

Accu-Tech offers factory installed Battery Back-Up systems on our High Bay LED products.

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We use the IOTA Battery Back-Up System

  • Patented Constant Power Design maintains illumination throughout the 90-minute runtime with no light degradation

  • Long-life, maintenance-free, high temperature recyclable Ni-Cad battery

  • UL 924 Listed for U.S. and Canada

  • Long-life, maintenance-free, high temperature recyclable Ni-Cad battery

The ILB-CP20-HE from IOTA Engineering is a UL Listed LED emergency driver PRODUCT ADVANTAGES for field and factory installation that allows the same LED fixture to be used for both normal and emergency operation. In the event of a power failure, the ILBCP20-HE switches to the emergency mode and operates the existing fixture for 90 minutes. The unit contains a battery, charger, and converter circuit in a single enclosure and is available in different mounting configurations for individual fixture requirements. The ILB-CP20-HE will operate an LED array load at 20 watts with constant power at a rated output voltage of 20V-60V. The patented Constant Power design of the ILB-CP20-HE maintains the output wattage to the LED array even as the system voltage diminishes, resulting in a constant illumination level for the entire emergency runtime. The ILB-CP20-HE features high-efficiency performance and complies with CEC efficiency requirements.

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