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Gym Lighting

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Professional Lighting Design Services are available free for qualify projects. Call 847.304.0632 for details. 

School gymnasiums present some definite lighting challenges. Obvious ones include high ceilings and high-impact uses. But gyms are often used for much more than athletic activities and sports events. They are frequently multipurpose spaces, serving as auditoriums, assembly halls, cafeterias and even community meeting spaces. Gym lighting needs vary based on the activity: high intensity for a sports event but lower ambient lighting for a ceremony or presentation. Gym lights must be flexible to meet all these different requirements.

While high ceilings in gymnasiums can present challenges in lighting maintenance and associated costs, long-life LED high bays are a natural solution, virtually eliminating the need for maintenance. In addition, LEDs deliver full output without a warm-up delay, and their uniform illumination and easy controllability make them perfect for gym lighting.

Accu-Tech offers LED gym lighting solutions that include:

  • Rugged, flexible, energy-efficient LED gym lights

  • Integrated controls to increase energy savings and vary intensity

  • User-friendly control network for dimming and zoning fixtures

  • Skylights that use daylighting to reduce electric energy use

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